& in search of the magic here

hi, i'm sara

hi, i'm sara

nomad  |  wellness seeker  |  jeweler

& i am on a constant search for self discovery and mental clarity. i hope my journey will inspire you to search for the deeper meaning within as well.

here is where i unfold the many layers of my lifestyle; from my creative flow, to my nomadic soul’s inherent frequency,  and my studies in between.


my vanlife journey


tiny living tales

Transient Co.

creating art is my ultimate goal here

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Sustainably Handmade

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Transient Co.
wellness seeker

wellness seeker

☼♐︎    ⍏♌︎    ☽♊︎

i am continuously in search of healing the mind , body, & soul

as students, we all have to start somewhere, which is why I find it important to include others on my journey of learning

here is where you can follow some of my rambling’s as I reflect and journal through specific astrological transits I experience, healing recipes I nourish with, and other topics in discovery of mental cl.

“as above, so below”

my studies